University of Kentucky

Quintissa S. Peake: passionate about UK

If you’re looking for a Young Alum that is passionate about the University of Kentucky and always eager to help with alumni activities, you need look no further than Quintissa S. Peake ’04 CIS. Anyone who comes in contact with Peake notices that she is a very positive person, happy to be a member of the UK Alumni Association — and busy!

Her work days are hectic with her career as a donor recruitment support specialist at the Kentucky Blood Center in Lexington. She became involved with the blood center because the issue of blood donation is a cause she feels is very important. Peake was born with sickle cell anemia and will need blood transfusions several times a year throughout her life. “I go out and share my story with others about being a blood recipient. I have received over 400 pints of blood in my life,” she says.

She always finds the time and energy to be an active member of the Fayette County UK Alumni Club. She is on the club’s board of directors, being appointed in 2010, and serves on the UK Alumni Association Board of Directors Membership Committee. She has also been on the Lyman T. Johnson African-American UK Alumni Constituent Group board since graduating in 2004 and this year served as the emcee for the organization’s gala event.

Peake has helped to coordinate events with both groups, and was very much involved with the annual Lyman T. Johnson Awards Banquet, the Fayette County UK Alumni Club Golf Outing and the Hometown Hero events.

In addition, she is the president-elect of the Fayette County Young Alumni Group. Peake looks forward to faithfully attending meetings of the UK alumni groups because she gains so much, she says. She believes it is important that other UK Young Alumni have the advantage of the same opportunity and so she brings guests to these events whenever she can.

“I love UK because of all of the great experiences I had here as a student. I had four cousins attend before I came here. Hearing their experiences really encouraged me,” she says. “Once I was a student here, I had many opportunities to join student activities and to really become a part of the campus culture. I have made some lifelong friends because of coming to UK. I wouldn't trade it for anything!” After graduation, she had several reasons for wanting to continue her relationship with UK via the UK Alumni Association.

“I'm all about networking! After having such great academic and extra-curricular experiences at UK, once I graduated I wanted to keep my connection with the university,” she says. “I have always participated in extra-curricular activities since elementary school on up. I had been receiving info in the mail about the alumni association, so for me, it was natural to join. The cost to join was low and there were some great benefits that I knew I could use. And upon entering the working world, this would be an activity I could participate in, while networking with others.”

Peake is also very much involved in the alumni activities of the UK College of Communications and Information Studies.

She believes being a part of these alumni organizations is important, not only because of the new social and professional contacts she is making, but because she likes to give back to the community through some of the service events that are held each year to help others in the community or with scholarships.

“I think other Young Alums should join the association and be active members of their local club because you get an opportunity to network with other alums who have came before you,” Peake says. “I'm a people person and I love meeting new people. By joining my local club in Fayette County, I met so many great people whom I wouldn't have met otherwise. I get to participate in activities that are beneficial to my community and help make a difference in the lives of future alumni, like the scholarship program. It's my way of paying forward to the next generation of what was afforded to me, like the William C. Parker Academic scholarship from the university.”

You can learn more about Peake and donating blood by viewing the video below.