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Did you know that the University of Kentucky has welcomed international students for more than seven decades? If you are one of them, look over the connections here and let the association and your friends hear from you.

Study Abroad Alumni

Was studying abroad one of the most enriching, rewarding and fulfilling experiences of your life? If so, share your memories with us. Use this page to connect with fellow alums and learn more about what’s happening on campus, too. We want to hear from you.

Profile: Adrian Lim '99, Malaysia

It's only natural that UK alumni want to get together and share good times.That's one of the reasons UK Alumni Clubs form, just like some of the newest clubs that are organizing in Knoxville, Tenn., Charleston, S.C., and the Twin Cities/Minnesota area. But it would probably surprise many UK grads that another UK alumni community gaining momentum is in Malaysia.This is the result of an effort led by Adrian L.H. Lim, who lives in Subang Jaya, just west of Kuala Lumpur in the state of Selangor. (more)

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