University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky License Plates

Show your loyalty and pride for UK by owning an official UK license plate. Displaying your tag will let everyone see that the University of Kentucky is your institution of choice!

UK affinity license plates can now be purchased in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina. The UK Alumni Association is working with alumni clubs to establish a license plate option in Georgia and Ohio.


Join the nearly 30,000 Wildcats on Kentucky roads who are displaying their school pride while they drive through the UK License Plate Program. Ten dollars from each new plate purchase and annual renewal of the UK car tag is donated to the UK General Scholarship Fund. More than $290,000 is generated annually to help deserving students at UK. It's a little thing anyone can do that makes a big impact on the lives of UK students.

How can you help? It is easy!
1. When your car tags are up for renewal, simply tell your county clerk that you want the UK car tag.
2. Pay the plate fee and turn in your regular plate to receive your UK car tag.
3. Put your new UK car tag on your car and drive with pride!

Already have the UK car tag?
THANK YOU! Remember to renew your tag each December to continue to support UK scholarships.

Car tag specific information

Who is eligible: Any owner of a non-commercial motor vehicle required to be registered for use on Kentucky highways.

Relevant KRS: KRS186.162

Steps Required: If the vehicle has a "regular" registration plate, that plate must be turned in to the County Clerk.

Initial Cost and Cost each time a new plate is issued: $56.00

Annual Renewal Cost: $31.00

Decal Expires: December 31

About the program: $10.00 of the initial and renewal of registration fee goes to the general scholarship fund of the particular university.

Can my UK tag be personalized? Yes! This plate is available for personalization with an additional $25.00 application fee annually. Application for personalization must be made at your local County Clerk's office. This personalized plate is limited to a maximum of 5 characters. Visit to view the link to the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing System Page.

Additional questions? Contact Jill Smith at 859-257-8906 or


Who is eligible: Available to all Tennessee residents.

Cost: Annual fee of $56.50.

About the program: $35 of the annual fee collected supports the Tennessee Arts Commission (80%) and the Highway Fund (20%).

Can my UK tag be personalized? Yes! This plate can be personalized between three to five characters.

More details at:

North Carolina

Who is eligible: North Carolina residents who are registered owners of a motor vehicle.

Relevant G.S.: G.S. 20-81-12.

Cost: $25 annually.

Can my car tag be personalized: Yes! Personalized plates are $30.

More details at: MVR27C_Collegiate.pdf


The Georgia Department of Revenue – DMV has approved the Greater Atlanta UK Alumni Club’s application for manufacturing a UK specialty license plate in the state of Georgia.

Application process: To send in the request for yours, download and print a copy of the application form. A separate application is required for each license plate requested. A separate check payable to The Greater Atlanta UK Alumni Club in the amount of $30.00 must accompany each application. A $25 manufacturing fee will go directly to the Georgia Department of Revenue. A $5 administrative fee will go directly to the Great Atlanta UK Alumni Club to cover costs associated with the approval process. The Greater Atlanta UK Alumni Club must send 1,000 paid applications to the state of Georgia before the UK specialty plate will be manufactured. Please act quickly and send your completed applications and checks immediately to the following address. Applications must be typed or legibly printed.

Greater Atlanta UK Alumni Club
UK Specialty License Plate Project
PO Box 866
Cumming, GA 30040


Application Process: The Ohio Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Motor Vehicles has provided the Greater Dayton UK Alumni Club with a petition form for production of a UK specialty license plate in the state of Ohio. At least 500 commitments must be obtained from licensed drivers in Ohio who intend to purchase these plates before the state will produce them. To submit a request form, visit

Organizations attempting to create these plates must maintain at least 500 sets of plates purchased each year – if this minimum number is not met by the second year of production, the production of plates will be terminated. Plates are approved for passenger vehicles, noncommercial trucks, and motor homes. The plates are expected to cost $35, with $10 going to the Ohio BMV as their usual fee plus $25 going to UK for student scholarships.

Please contact Jeffrey Burch of the Greater Dayton UK Alumni Club if you have any questions at or 937-668-4553.