University of Kentucky

While You Drive, Show Your School Pride!

The University of Kentucky car tag program helps fund scholarships for current UK students!

Car tag information

Who is eligible:
Any owner of a non-commercial motor vehicle required to be registered for use on Kentucky highways.

Relevant KRS:

Steps Required:
If the vehicle has a "regular" registration plate, that plate must be turned in to the County Clerk.

Initial Cost and Cost each time a new plate is issued:

Annual Renewal Cost:

Decal Expires:
December 31st

$10.00 of the initial and renewal of registration fee goes to the general scholarship fund of the particular university. This plate is available for personalization with an additional $25.00 application fee annually. Application for personalization must be made at your local County Clerk's office. This personalized plate is limited to a maximum of 5 characters. to view the link to the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing System Page.

Additional questions? Contact Jill Smith at 859-257-8906 or