University of Kentucky

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT)


What is STAT?

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) is the student membership organization of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association. As a member of STAT, you can be part of one of the largest officially sanctioned student organizations on campus offering tons of exciting activities for UK students like you. STAT’s mission is to connect students and alumni and to provide an ongoing means for students to support the University of Kentucky through service work, events, and community.

There's More!

STAT members also have the opportunity to be part of TEAM WILDCAT, the athletic-spirit based student group on campus. TEAM WILDCAT is a subcommittee of STAT that was formed through a partnership between UK Athletics and the UK Alumni Association. Each year we work to improve the student section at games, sponsor free t-shirt opportunities for our student members, host bus trips to away games, poster-making parties, and more.

In order to be a member of TEAM WILDCAT, you must first be a member of STAT.

Why Join STAT?

How do I get involved?

STAT is a great opportunity to connect with UK now, as well as to forge an important relationship that will continue after graduation. Joining is easy! Single annual membership with STAT is open to all current students and is only $25 per year. I hope you will consider joining today, either online at or by calling 859-257-8905 or 1-800-269-ALUM.


Upcoming Events & Programs

Throughout the year, STAT members plan and participate in social, career-oriented and school-unifying events, including the following upcoming events and programs:


STAT and TEAM WILDCAT Leadership Team

STAT Chair

Katie Sterling


Alex Isler

Leadership Committee Members

Ethan Aldridge, Katie Crutchfield, Will Deaton, Marley Foertsch, Brittany Hayes, Emilee Hurt, Austin Kennedy, Ally Merrill, Nick Ramos, Peter Sohn, Chad Stephenson, Colton Thayer, Taylor Warren, Melissa White, Cecelia Tio, Andrew Zimmerman

Staff Advisor

Sara-Elizabeth Bush
King Alumni House

Contact Us

King Alumni House
400 Rose Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0119
859-257-8905 or 1-800-269-ALUM