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Welcome to Central Ohio!

All alumni are welcome to join in the University of Kentucky alumni network.

We are always looking for new programming ideas and new leaders. If you have an idea for a program you would like to initiate, let us know.

If you are new to the area, give me a call or e-mail me. I would be happy to meet you and tell you about the community and our club.

If you are looking for a closer connection to the university, you can find it here. Each year we hold a number of events. We would be more than happy to have you join us for them.

If you are just visiting and there is an event planned, please join us.

Make the connection.

Brad deSilva

Central Ohio
Contact Person: Brad deSilva

Photo Gallery (click to enlarge pictures)

2013 Central Ohio UK Alumni Club Student Send-off Picnic

2013 Central Ohio UK Alumni Club Derby Party

Central Ohio UK Alumni Club dinner event with UK Baseball Coach Gary Henderson

2012 Cats for a Cause - Light the Night Walk benefiting
the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

2012 Send-off Event

2012 Derby Party

Bourbon Tasting

Final Four

Scholarship Banquet

Cats for a Cause (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk).

Student Send-off Picnic




Dinner with Mitch

Kentucky Derby

Bourbon Tasting

UK vs. Ohio State

Game Watch Party - UK vs. Auburn
Jan. 16, 2010


Karyn Loughrin, 2009 club scholarship recipient. Karyn is the daughter of Tom Loughrin and Sue Loughrin (pictured). Central Ohio UK Alumni Club President Ian Pruitt is also pictured on the right.


Game Watch Party                     The Columbus Preview Night

2010 Student Send Off Party                     Scholarship Winner With Club Officers

Club Scholarship

The Central Ohio UK Alumni Club awards a scholarship each year to a Central Ohio student.  The Club created a scholarship endowment fund in the year 2000.  To apply, contact Sandy Copher by telephone at 859-257-4198 or by e-mail at  She can provide you with the necessary application forms.

Recent Scholarship Recipients

2007-2008 Scholarship:  Anne Macleod

Anne is a graduate of Westerville North High School.  She played on the tennis team for four years.  Anne enjoys reading and plans to major in Nursing.

2006-2007 Scholarship:  Ashley Allen

Ashley is a graduate of Hilliard Darby High School and is considering going into pharmacy.  Ashley played varsity soccer and graduated with honors and a cumulative GPA of 4.03.

2005-2006 Scholarship:  Gina Salerno

Gina is a graduate of St. Francis DeSales High School and will be pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy.

2004-2005 Scholarship:  Kristie Burley

Kristie is originally from Westerville, OH and will be majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy.

2003-2004 Scholarship:  Nicholas William Reeves

Nick is a graduate of Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, OH and is planning to major in Marketing.

2002-2003 Scholarship:  Rebecca Ellingsworth

Rebecca is a graduate of Hilliard Davidson High School.



The name of this organization shall be the Central Ohio Club of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association.


The purpose of this club is to promote the best interests of the University of Kentucky; to update the membership of the club with the progress and needs of their Alma Mater; to assist in interpreting the University, its work and its services to the people of Central Ohio; to encourage loyalty to the University and closer bonds of fellowship among its alumni.


The membership of the Central Ohio Club of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association shall consist of those active Members and Associate Members of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association who reside in Central Ohio.


The Club shall hold an annual meeting of the club membership on the first Saturday of May of each year (Kentucky Derby Party). The president shall call at least one meeting of the Steering Committee each year.


Section I - Positions

The officers of the Club shall be a President, President-elect, Treasurer and Secretary.

Section II - Election of Officers

Officers shall serve two-year terms with the president-elect succeeding the president. The secretary and treasurer may succeed themselves with no limit of consecutive terms. Prior to the annual meeting, the president shall appoint a nominating committee for officers of the Club. The report of this committee will be presented to the general membership at the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any members of the Club. Those members present shall then and there proceed to elect offers for the ensuing term.

Section III - Duties of Officers

A. The president shall preside at all meetings of the organization, sign the records, and perform such other duties as may be attendant to the office or as may be imposed on him by the Steering Committee of the organization.

B. The president-elect shall perform all the duties of the president in case of his absence or disability. In such cases where both the president and president-elect are absent, the Steering Committee shall appoint a president por tempore. He shall succeed the president upon the completion of his term.

C. The treasurer shall receive and have in charge all money and property of the organization and keep proper account thereof and shall turn over to his successor all records, property and money of the organization.

D. The secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings and make a proper record thereof and shall prepare the correspondence of the organization.

E. Each of said officers shall automatically serve as a member of the organization?s Steering Committee during his term of office.


Steering Committee consisting of no less than seven (7) and no more than fifteen (15) members, of which one-half shall be considered a quorum. The Committee shall consist of the officers of the Club, and the immediate past President of the Club with the remainder selected from the general membership by the Steering Committee. This Committee shall have full powers to conduct the affairs and business of the Club. Members of the Steering Committee will chair all Standing Committees.


The Standing Committees shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

A.  Membership
B.  Publicity
C.  Sports Tickets
D.  Student Recruitment
E.  Viewing Parties
F.  Young Alumni
G.  Activities


There shall be a committee consisting of past presidents that will serve as an advisory board for the Steering Committee. The immediate past president will represent the committee on the Steering Committee.


The alumni year of this organization shall begin on the first Saturday of May each year, the date of the annual meeting. Whenever the term ?year? appears in these by-laws, it refers to the year beginning with the first Saturday of May.


The Club shall reimburse the president for the cost of registration and lodging at the Summer Workshop.


Sports ticket eligibility is limited to active (dues paying) members of the national University of Kentucky Alumni Association. If demand exceeds supply, tickets will be distributed to members based on their support of the Club?s activities.


These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Club present and voting at any annual or special meeting of the general membership or by a two-thirds vote of the Steering Committee. 

How the Club Began

Once upon a time, long long ago...

Sam's son, Jay, went to work for Equitable Life Assurance on Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington in the fall of 1981. The Personnel Manager who interviewed him for his job was John McFarland. During their later conversations, Jay learned that John was a UK Alumnus and told him that I was also. John invited us to his house for a basketball game viewing and we agreed to attempt to organize a local alumni club.

John volunteered the Equitable building for a meeting and about six or seven members of families met with us there later that spring. As I recall, Jim Mobberly, Scott and Donna (then pregnant with her now Dayton student Jenny) Wittich, John McFarland and his wife, Tom and Lynn Santor, Dick and Eileen Sexton, Robert and Cathy Hurt, Brad Montgomery, Jeanie and I met for the first time. A large meeting subsequently at the Hilton Hotel in Worthington had more than 80 attendees and Lou and Nancy Garriott, then of the Dayton Club welcomed us all.

Tom Santor had said that they had a club going for a short time before and later Dr. Jean Branson told us that her father and mother had it going many years earlier.

The club has met continuously since 1983 and members have enjoyed so much camaraderie with alumni here and around the country as a result of the local club. UK fans are literally everywhere. The jobs of the local clubs are to obtain new national alumni members and raise scholarship moneys for central Ohio students interested in attending UK. A national alumni membership automatically makes one a local club member. Many new friends have been obtained and many dollars have flowed to Lexington for scholarships. We have enjoyed many trips to ball games with tickets furnished by the National Alumni club as a result of our activities.

The various local officers and steering committee members have kept the club going and welcome any friends or alumni to join us in enjoying the great traditions of the University of Kentucky.

Our biggest events are the Derby Party on the first Saturday in May, a day at the races at Scioto Downs, the Oktoberfest and various TV viewing parties of ball games in the area. The University of Kentucky heartily welcomes all to join us formally or informally to share the blue.

Humbly submitted by Sam Kegley.