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Welcome to the Triangle Area!

All alumni are welcome to join in the University of Kentucky alumni network.. If you are new to the area, give me a call or e-mail me. I would be happy to meet you and tell you about the community and our club. If you are looking for a closer connection to the university, you can find it here. Each year we hold a number of events. We would be more than happy to have you join us for them. If you are just visiting and there is an event planned, please join us.

We are always looking for new programming ideas and new leaders. If you have an idea for a program you would like to initiate, let us know.

Make the connection.

Bob Hall

Triangle Area (NC)
Cary, NC
Contact Person: Bob Hall

Triangle Area UK Alumni Club Derby Party

UK License Plate Campaign in North Carolina

Note: Please click here to see the updated list of commitments.

Please fill out this form, make a check payable to the respective club, and mail both to:

Marilyn Folnsbee (Charlotte UK Alumni Club)
P.O. Box 691542
Charlotte, NC 28227
North Carolina License plate prizes (available by signing up before Feb. 29)

Roush Fenway Racing Aluminum Picnic Basket
Perfect for outdoor events, especially tailgating, this picnic basket has an aluminum exterior with two safety latches to ensure your food and drink stay put. It can be carried by the handle or by using a carrying strap (which is included). The basket is lined in dark green velvet and includes: two 9-inch melamine plates style, two 8-ounce wine glasses, two sets of silverware (knife, fork and spoon, two 14x14-inch cloth napkins, one cheese knife,one hardwood cutting board, one stainless steel corkscrew, one ornate bottle stopper, one cast iron bottle opener, one tablecloth

Callaway Golf Gift Card
Treat yourself or someone special to quality merchandise from the premium brand in golf. Not only can you purchase a wide selection of golf -related items, Callaway has a fantastic line of watches, luggage, travel gear and accessories as well. Card is redeemable at or by calling 866-927-7733. It is not valid at retail locations nor can it be redeemed for cash. If you spend more than the card value, you can pay the difference with your credit card.

Roush Fenway Racing Golf Package
This special golf package includes a $50 Callaway gift card, a black visor, a black cap, a premium black golf towel, a leather ball pouch with six logo-ed Callaway golf balls and a tee set, an on-course emergency kit and a Swiss Army golfer's tool and knife with carrying case. All items come in a black Roush Fenway Racing canvas tote.

License Plate Updates

Have you ever driven down a North Carolina highway and seen University of Florida license plate? Then did you wonder why the University of Kentucky could not do this. Well now, the opportunity exists for you to support a UK license plate in North Carolina. Details regarding this initiative are provided below.

The Overall Process

  1. Secure the University's Approval for Use of UK's Logo by North Carolina's DMV

  2. Collect the names of University Alums and Friends who Would Support a UK License Plate on their Vehicles

  3. Once Commitments for 300 or More Vehicles have been Obtained, Follow Up with Interested Parties for Vehicle Information

  4. Collect Vehicle Information and License Plate Fees

  5. DMV Designs and Produces License Plates

  6. License Plates Distributed

We are on steps 3 and 4 of this process and its now time for your participation. We actually have our 300 vehicle commitments, but have only received forms and checks for a little over 200 plates.  We are now collecting forms (UKLicensePlate.pdf) and checks for NC license plates with the UK logo.  Please send check and completed form to:

Marilyn Folnsbee (Charlotte UK Alumni Club)
P.O. Box 691542
Charlotte, NC 28227

Items of Interest

  • The logo provided to use by the University is the interlocking UK. This is the University's preferred logo for the future use.

  • The fees per UK license plate are $25 annually statewide except for Wake County where the fees are $28 annually. The Clubs will collect the first year?s fees. Individuals will receive notice from the DMV to pay subsequent year?s fees.

  • You may personalize your plate for an additional $30 annually.

  • A portion of the fees for collegiate logo license plates are collected by the Board of Governors for the University of North Carolina.

The following is a list of participants. Thank you for your support and timely submittal.

Note: Please click here to see the updated list of commitments.

Charles Adams Jane Fiery Michael Larson Bill Pyle
Melanie Adams Richard Fleck Saundra Lemaster David Rakowski
Laura Adams  Craig Folnsbee Jonathan Littlepage Thomas Raymond
James Ahler James Folnsbee Susan Lohr Susan Reid
Rodney Alsup C.A. Fox Larry Long Shawn Remacle
John Astle Jonathan Fox James Mahan Joe Rinehart
Jack Austin Timothy Gardiner Michael Malone Wyman Robb
James Barbour Susan Garrett Don Manus David Rogers
Linda Barnes Harry Gentry Robert Marcum Herbert James Rogers, Jr.  
Robert Barrett Phil Grasty Heather Martin Pamela Rose
William Bateman Carroll Graves Rita Martin Sharon Rosh
Carol Bell Robert Gray Brian Matthews Amy Rowell
David Benjes Gary Green Mary McElhannon Derek Rutledge
Gregory Berry Robert Griffiths Stephen McNatton Jonathan Brady Scott
Jason Berry Mary Groening Melissa Metz Kendra Scull
Alice Birdwhistel Charlotte Guthrie Jeffrey Milcarek James Sgueglia
Robert Blouin Robert Hall John Miller William Simpson
Roger Brewer Coral Harper Kristi Miller Robert Singletary
Charles Brohawn William Harrison Jonathan Miller Katherine Stamey
Kenneth Brunson Larry and Donna Hatter Scott Moffit Ann Stenholm
Leonard Burton Constance Haynie Jason Money Sean Stewart
Pamela Cain Robert Heffern Kristen Moore Tim Stratton
L. Bowen Caldwell Gary Hellman Melissa Moran John Sugg
Keith Carlson Bradley Hibbs Ashley Morgan Douglas Sutherland
James Carroll Gerald Hieronymus Margaret Nickell Harold Tanner
Jerry Caudill William Hook Virginia Nix Eric Thacker
David Chermak Guy Hoskins David Orthober Rob Thompson
Allen Cloyd Emilie Hoza Fred and Donna Osborne Stephen Thompson
Michael Cole David Hunt Whitney Paris Marvin Thornton
Andrea Combs Martha Irwin Fred Parker Julie Toy
Joseph Conder Jeanna Johnson Bonnie Parr James Trammel
Parthey Condor Jennifer Jones-Goodwin Vicki Parton John Turner
Heather Culp Michael Kamuf Darrell Pennington Samuel Wallace
Jim Dean Connor Keller Brad Peterson Shelby Walters
Andrea Doyle John Kelly Jacob Pogrosky Mary Watson
Roy Barbra Doyle Kay Kennedy Frank Poovey Jonathan White
Angela Duerr Jim Kennedy  Sara Poston Henry Williams
Steven Eblin Donald King Nicola Prall Charles Wills
Kenneth Emberton Melissa Ann Knopf Porter David Pressley Charles Wilson
Paul Feige Andrew Lang Diana Pulliam Darrell Winsett

Barbara Pyle Erin Winston


Much thanks goes out to Marilyn Folnsbee (Charlotte), Bob Hall (Cary), and the Alumni Clubs of Charlotte and the Triangle for assisting in this initiative. Without their time and resources, this would not have been possible. The Alumni and Friends of the University of Kentucky thank you. If you have any questions regarding this initiative, you may contact Patrick Blandford (704) 277-3766.

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