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African Americans have long been trailblazers at the University of Kentucky. For Black History Month, we are honoring eight African-American alumni who were profiled in the book, “They Came Before: The Legacy of African-American Pioneers and Trailblazers at the University of Kentucky” that was published last year. (More)
"Wings over Tanzania During the Great Migration” departs February 25! Travelers will embark upon a 12-day journey of a lifetime to Africa’s premier safari destination while enjoying deluxe accommodations. Where will you go with Traveling Wildcats in 2017? (More)
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The UK Office for Faculty Advancement and Institutional Effectiveness is now accepting nominations for the UK Inclusive Excellence Award. The award will recognize the accomplishments of individuals and academic or professional units that demonstrate a sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion through campus and community involvement and exemplary leadership. (More)

An estimated $1.2 million international research project funded by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities in Russia — a rare feat in itself — is being led by the UK College of Engineering's Dusan P. Sekulic. The project, "Brazing Aluminum Alloys in Space," will study how molten metal behaves in space. (More)

Dr. Gretchen Wells writes a lot of prescriptions and orders a lot of tests. But she says the most rewarding thing she dispenses is hope. Wells is tasked with helping Kentucky women enjoy longer, fuller lives with healthy hearts. Prevention is a key part of that goal, especially in Kentucky where the mortality rate from heart disease is among the nation's highest. (More)